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10 months and Still fighting Going to bed!!!

Anyone else going through this? My 10-1/2 month old kicks, screams, and basically throws a tantrum when it's time for bed! He is obviously tired but continues to fight it. Any tips are welcome... I feel like he's too old to be rocked to sleep, I dunno? 


Re: 10 months and Still fighting Going to bed!!!

  • We have a bedtime routine that kind of helps DS mellow out from the day. He gets a bottle first, then changes into ON diaper and PJ's. Next we read his bedtime books, say prayers, and put him in the crib with a paci and his lovey. We use white noise (a fa


  • You mention that he's tired, have you tried putting him to bed earlier?
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  • Oh just you wait, it gets worse as a toddler.  My son is notorious for not wanting to go to bed.  It was pretty scary one night when he got a later nap--he was up at midnight watching Sesame Street (that was like oh bleep). 


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  • We recently conquered this. Completely by accident. One night a series of events happened and it was perfect. We now repeat it nightly. :)

    It goes...

    1. Clean up toys and spread out blanket with pillows.
    2. Shut off TV
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  • PP's have mentioned a routine and that works for us too.  Do you have a regular bedtime routine in place?  These things will help signal him it's time for bed and he will get used to this pretty quickly.  I also ditto a PP about trying an e
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  • We somewhat had this issue, he doesn't fight too bad but does hate going to bed because he just wants to be a part of everything.  We still rock, I spoke to our pedi about it she said it was fine our only issue is him getting up in the middle of the
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  • We have a routine which one of them pretty much fights routinely.  They switch off nights. LOL

    We never do CIO here and if they want to fight sleep then we just don't make them go to sleep.  I would love it if mine still wanted to be ro

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