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My 18 month old is hitting wayyyy to much... when i tell him thats not nice, he laughs and then kisses me. He mostly hits me when he doesn't get his way . I would say 9 times out of ten he hits me then kisses me or hugs me, so i know he knows it's wrong. Any suggestions?! The only thing ive tried is telling him that its not nice ( in a stern voice) and i have tried crying when he does it to make him see that it hurts me...any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Sorry, no help, just commiseration.  At least your LO hugs / kisses afterward.  That's a start!  I try sternly saying it's not nice like you, but like you, DD usually laughs.  I also have tried showing her how to have "nice hands," but
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    Same here. LO laughs every time he hits and "gentle" usually leads to more hits and laughing.  He has also started biting and thinks it is just as funny.  I can't wait to hear suggestions.
  • Time out? I'm not a time out for everything gal but hitting and biting are time out issues for me. I don't think he can full understand that it hurts you or why he shouldn't do it but he is able to understand he's not supposed to do it. I would put him in

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  • time for time out- most day care centers will put children at that age in time out for hitting/biting/hair pulling. 
  • We have the same problem.  She hits when she doesnt get her way (hits herself, us, furniture...whatever is around).  We have been doing time outs for hitting.  She gets it for a minute in a half.  Then after we talk to her about why sh
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    Same here. LO laughs every time he hits and "gentle" usually leads to more hits and laughing.  He has also sta
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