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Elective Gender Ultrasound?

Impatient is my middle name... I swear. Wondering if any of you ever did an elective US and if so was it at your dr. office or at another location in Atlanta? I found Baby's First Images in Buckhead that would do a 2D for $39. 

Was going to wait until 16 weeks (I'm 14 weeks on Friday), but I have the anatomy scan scheduled for May 6th at 19 weeks. I mean it's 3 weeks, should I just wait?

TIA for your opinions.  

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Re: Elective Gender Ultrasound?

  • we did an elective 3D at BFI.  We did it mostly due to scheduling with DH's job because I wanted him to be there to find out the gender.  I would do it again.
  • We did early at the babies first images in kennesaw. I loved it! Was so nice seeing lil guy on the big screen. And was nice because my bf works a lot and it made it a nice relaxing/no rush Sunday appointment. We also did the DVD so out families cld watch
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  • I went to BFI at 14 1/2wks and found out with DS1. I couldn't wait and we wanted to know before christmas so we could tell family. 
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  • Thanks ladies! You may be changing my mind. I may be a little silly that I can't wait an extra 3 weeks. My best friend is trying to talk me out of it and my DH is not as interested. Good to know you all had awesome experiences though!
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  • We did it early with both boys at BFI in Alpharetta in 3D and it was awesome.
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  • We did it at BFI in Buckhead right at 15 weeks and it was correct (we just had the real one today to confirm).
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  • we did it early with both...the first time, we went around 16 weeks because I was impatient. We went again this time only 4 days before my scheduled anatomy scan at the dr simply because DH could not make it to the dr's appointment.
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