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Cloth diapers

Does anyone use cloth diapers and if so what kind, how do you like them?  I am thinking of switching over, not to give too much info but now that LO doesn't poop as much and they are not a mess every time I was thinking it might make sense to make the switch.  Any feedback would be appreciated!
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Re: Cloth diapers

  • Yes! Come over to the cloth board. There is a great FAQ section, and there are lots of helpful ladies for any remaining questions you have.


  • I agree on checking out the cloth diaper board but I realize there is a lot of imformation there and it can be overwhelming.  Google "Cloth Diapering 101" and a lot of the online stores have tutorials or if you have a local store it would be even

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  • We use cloth and love it. We mostly use prefolds and covers. We have a lot of other types but prefolds are pretty easy to use. They are a really cost-effective way to cloth diaper. Like everyone else said, come on over to the CD board. Check out the FA

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  • I use pocket diapers (fuzzibunz, charlie banana, and um...can't remember the other brand). Love them! They work well, save money, super cute. Definitely check out the cloth diaper board.
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  • We love cloth diapers. We use one size pockets, mostly kawaii brand. It feels good not to have to buy disposables. We've saved a lot of money.
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  • We love CDing! We use BumGenius, Swaddlebees, Blueberries, Kawaii, and Imagine diapers. All are either pockets or all-in-ones and are all one-size. We wash every other day. The CDing board is definitely a great resource. There are a few sites that you can

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  • Lots of love and cost savings here as well (going on 3 years with our smartipants, grovia and bumgenius snaps!)...definitely worth doing. We got a newborn stash as well and use those mostly to stuff our one-size pockets still (since they are more absorban
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  • Ditto the others: go to the cloth diaper board!

    We've been CDing full time since DS was seven weeks old. We primarily use flats made of diaper flannel paired with covers - closer to the old-fashioned diapers our moms and grandmothers used, but gr

  • Love our cloth diapers! There is a lot less garbage to haul out every week. 

    Come over to the CD board. Lots of tips there, from favorite brands to troubleshooting.

    Also, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Plenty of people CD part-t

  • I love them here too!  I use mainly pockets and prefolds for daytime and fitteds for night time.  For pockets I have more on BG 4.0's and Kawaii.  I can't say enough about Kawaii if you are looking for affordable, durable and cute!  I
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  • I use cloth diapers. I've tried quite a few different kinds. Majority of my stash is fuzzibunz. Those are the best quality ones that I have tried. They fit snugly and the elastic allows them to grow with your baby. I do have problems with stink in those t
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  • We do cloth. 

    I love swaddle bees put it in like a disposable and just take it off like one (but don't throw it away obviously) no stuffing, unstuffing, switching out liners... So easy and the best part is they snap on the sides so we

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  • We love using cloth diapers! We mostly use Best Bottoms but also have some Thirsties Fitteds for bedtime. I also use a disposable liner that lays over the cloth diaper (looks like a dryer sheet) and when lo poops who pick the liner up and flush it down th
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  • love my CDs.

    Definitely watch Cloth Diapering 101 (7 pts) on youtube.

    Favorite brands = swaddlebees/blueberry, totsbots.

    BumGenius are pretty good too and a bit cheaper.

    Many people on the CD board love Kawaii and Alvas for the


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  • we've been CD'ing since LO was 6 weeks old and she's now almost 10mo.  We use gDiapers and have been very happy with them.  The outer 'pant' and liner are reusable - just replace the cloth insert each change.  A lot of people on the CD b

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  • We use Bum Genius diapers and love them! We also use disposables part time, for daycare and also for overnight (because we could not find a cloth solution that would contain all of his pee!)
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