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Are you looking for a Vaccine-Friendly Pediatrician?

Dr. Pamela Middleton who goes by "Dr. Pam" specializes in integrative pediatrics which is a combination of traditional allopathic medicine, complimentary and alternative medical therapies. 

As an integrative pediatrician Dr. Pam combines her traditional medical training with holistic alternatives so that her patients receive the best treatment for their particular condition and the best recommendations about healthy lifestyle choices to prevent illness and foster wellness.

Dr. Pam believes that the body has an innate healing capacity and she partners with parents to harness this potential in their children through a holistic medical approach. First time visits are scheduled for one hour with subsequent visits scheduled for 30 minutes. Telephone consultations are available for established patients.

Call to schedule an appointment for a Meet & Greet, which is 15 minutes complimentary to meet with Dr. Pam and learn more about her practice. She also offers vaccine consultations for parents who have many questions to ask.


FAQ are below

How is this practice different from a traditional pediatrics practice?

Dr. Pam limits the number of patients that she sees so that she can spend 30 min-1 hour with each patient. There is no busy waiting room with long waits to see the doctor. Treatment will be individualized for the needs of your child from an integrative  approach.

What if I don?t want to vaccinate my child?

You will be encouraged to ask questions and get all of the information needed to make an informed decision about vaccinating your child and your decision will be supported.

Why don?t you take insurance?

Office visits would be limited to 10 minutes due to a higher volume requirement and integrative treatment options would not be possible. Patient care would be dictated by insurance company policy.

Do you treat adults?

The practice is primarily for pediatrics. However, Dr. Pam has expertise working with adults in nutritional medicine, weight management and body reshaping.

Do you see newborns and children in the hospital?

Hospitalists and neonatologists care for my patients in local area hospitals and consult with me via telephone if needed. I then provide follow up care.

What if my child gets sick on a day that you are not in the office?

Emergency calls are referred to me through my urgent line when I am out of the office and I can see your child outside of regular hours if necessary. 


My personal experience:

I've been through 3 pediatricians before my daughter turned 15 months. I delayed vaccines which caused me to be kicked out or argued with by 2 pediatricians in orange county. My first pediatrician was a military doctor, so can you imagine what I was going through? I am 26 now, with a healthy five year old who now has a pediatrician (Dr. Pam) who supports my decision not to vaccinate her. She has not been on any prescribed or over the counter medications ever. I use herbs, homeopathic medicines and nutrition supplements for my daughter if needed. Dr. Pam continues to be a partner on assisting my health decision needs if needed, rather than being a dictator on what I should do and not do. She is awesome! She is loved by many in the community. She host a lot of workshops throughout Orange County.. visit her website or come to on of her events. 

Sorry, I did forget to add something very important that a lot of moms do to decide on a pediatrician. Do not let your insurance decide who you want or need to see. I know you may spend a lot of your insurance and don't want to put it to waste, but insurance is great to have in case you have an emergencies, lab work, diagnostic testing, hospital births, etc. I know your co-pay may be under $50 dollars, but is it worth going to a pediatrician you 'kind of like?' Why settle for that? I was once in your position trying to find a pediatrician within network. I did everything I could do, in order to save or sell unwanted things in order to have Dr. Pam as my pediatrician. I spend $100 a year, just for my daughter's annual check ups. $50 if I need to come in for a sick visit. I attended a workshop and got a special new patient deal which saved me $100 almost 4 years ago.Yes, in the beginning during ages 1 month until 24 months, you come every 2-3 months (some parents come as needed), but it's for development well-child exams, not for vaccine shots. The money you spend, you can put towards your taxes next year. I do that every year. I look at it as an investment for my daughter's health and future. If you take care of their body the right way now, they will understand and learn what is good for their bodies forever.

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