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When do you expect to get an invite for a kid party?  We're throwing our son's second birthday party on Saturday, April 27th and I am just now ordering invites. (bad mommy)

How much do I need to pay to ship them?  If I send them out by Tuesday, 4/2 assuming they arrive by Thursday 4/4 (all local), is that enough 'notice'? 

Party is at our house, we're providing dinner (cooking out), and we'll see most invitees well before and can mention it to them in person before they get the official invite.

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Re: Invite Timing

  • We are having our party on the same day.  We will be giving invites to the families we see over Easter Weekend and everyone else's will be posted.  Probably arriving around 4/4 after the holiday weekend.

     I think 3.5 weeks - 4 week

  • Your timing sounds fine to me...3ish weeks is normal.
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  • I think that's plenty of time for a birthday. I usually do 3 weeks, but DD's birthday is at an odd time, so a little advance planning helps.
  • I think 2 - 3 weeks prior is fine.

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  • If it's not around a busy/holiday time (ie: christmas, end of school...) 2 - 3 weeks prior is fine for a birthday party
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  • This time of year I think that's fine. My LOs is this summer so I will give more but it's mostly because I know everyones summers fill up quickly with vacations & such.
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  • hmp1hmp1 member

    2-3 weeks for a birthday party.

    Earlier this year, I got an invite 6 weeks early and I totally forgot about the party when it rolled around.  

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