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Daycare and cloth diapers

Hi, so I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow, DH and I are starting to think about daycare, and we have a question about cloth diapers. We live in south east Balto co, and work on Ft Meade, we advent decided on whether it'll be a daycare near home, r ne near work. But we really want to use cloth diapers, and were curios about how receptive daycares are? I'm aware I'll probably have to send him or her in either all in ones or pre-stuffed, and a separate cover for each diaper change, but I can't seem to find MD health dept rules or anything. Any help would be great, thanks!

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Re: Daycare and cloth diapers

  • My provider, in Elkridge, allows cloth diapers. We use disposables but the infant there is in cloth. I don't know the specifics from Health Dept or if she has any special license to be able to cloth diaper.
  • To my knowledge it is completely up to the provider on whether they want to CD a child or not. My DD's DCP does not like to CD, so we only CD DD on the weekends. Good Luck!
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  • I think more and more DC are OK w/ CD. Its not as unusual as it once was.
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  • It depends on the provider. My daycare does it, but you have to have a dr.'s note, which I was able to get from my doctor.
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  • I used to work at a wonderful, loving in- home daycare about 15 min from FT Meade in GB.  Natures Navigators (accepts CD no problem, baby wearing, no tv, curriculum , field trips, etc).  410 760 & now I'm blanking on the last 4...
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  • My provider CDs.  In my opinion, the best thing to do is bring the diapers with you to show them what they look like.  Often times they will think it is prefolds, and they don't realize how easy CDing is!
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