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Any advice?

Hi, i'm new here and might be joining you all soon. My fiance applied for the army last week so if all goes well i should be here soon. Just wondered if you could answer some questions?

1. We are planning on getting married after his training, if anyone else has done this how did you plan it all in 3 months? Don't want to book a date and then be told he will be in training at this point etc.

2. I might be pregnant right now, i had a positive test yesterday on one test with my morning pee and a neg in the afternoon so retesting soon. If i am pregnant and he gets deployed what support do you guys get if you live on base? My family will be nowhere near any bases so would they mind if i go to my family while OH is deployed leaving the house empty or would they want you to move out? 

(sorry if none of this makes sense, very nervous/excited/sicky all in one lol)

Re: Any advice?

  • The first thing I would tell you to do is slow down.  It's fairly difficult to get into the Army right now with draw downs and force reduction.  Ship dates to training are also fairly long.  Some jobs have wait times of up to a year befo

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  • I am not recommending rushing into marriage if you haven't planned it (and especially if you don't know if military life is for you), but you can always have a civil ceremony now, and a "real" wedding later. I had a friend who did that a long time ago.

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