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After over a year of trying and the full battery of tests at the Fertility Clinic, we decided that next month (Day 1 would be tomorrow), we were going to do a Clomid IUI cycle. My tests were all fine and "normal" (actually above average the dr said, for my age), but my husbands sperm was low count and when combined with less motility, it wasn't looking good for us. His Kruger score was actually only 1%. We tried for months doing every other day at the most oppourtune times, and nothing. This month we must have gotten lucky, because yesterday on 12 DPO, I took a First Response-HPT and got a BFP! Finally!
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  • Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months!

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    Me: 37--Thyroid Cancer survivor. H:38. DS born 6/22/2011; BFP#2--11/5/12--Missed miscarriage discovered 12/21/2012.  BFP#3--5/20/14--another MMC 6/16/14.
  • Congrats to you both!!!! Hoping for a happy healthy 9 months!
                                     *******SIGGY WARNING/Chlidren mentioned***********

                                                         ME: 41 ----- DH: 43
                                                       MARRIED: 5/3/14
                                                   DS,17   DD,16   DD,12   DS,10
                                                               TR: 4-2-12
                                             TTC our 1st love child! No luck so far! 
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  • Congrats!   I am hoping for your luck...  We are in the same boat - I am in very good shape for my age, but we have MFI - DH started taking Fertility Blend to hopefully help it.
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  • That is wonderful to hear.....I am sure you are so excited.  Best of luck and here's to a happy and healthy nine months!  :)
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  • Congrats!!!!

    Me (40) DH (42).......Married 7/1/11......TTC 12/2013.......BFP #1 12/30/12........EDD 9/8/13
    Spotting,clot 2/15/13 all ok......2/21/13 no heartbeat 11 w 4 d missed miscarriage........2/22/13 DnC :(
    BFP # 2 10.10.13...........EDD 6.19.14

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  • Congrats!
  • Congratulations!!!
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