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Hi everybody. After 12 cycles TTC, I've recently joined the Secondary IF group (I have a 16 month old son conceived on the first try). My ob did blood work 2 months ago on cd 21 and I had a progesterone level of 4 so he put me on 50 mg of clomid. My progesterone on cd21 was 8.4. Now I am on cd 31 no AF but negative tests so low progesterone+negative hpt=not pregnant. The doctor said if and when I get my period they will start me at 100 mg. I wish I could see an RE, but it is not covered under my insurance.

My questions:

-did clomid delay your periods?

-did anybody get bfn before bfp  

-did you take anything in addition to clomid when you had your bfp?

-how many cycles did it take and how many mg were you on?

-what were your progesterone levels cd 21?

-multiples or singleton?

if you can help me out with any of these questions that would be great! I know everybody is different, but I was just wondering some questions while I sit here waiting for AF to arrive. 

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Re: Clomid questions

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    You could have ovulated later than CD 14 making a CD 21 progesterone level inaccurate. Can you at least ask your OB to do u/s during your clomid cycles to determine if you ovulate, when you ovulate and how many follicles you have. This will help prevent

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    I think I will ask this week it can't hurt to ask right? 

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    kmc84kmc84 member
    Ditto to the PP's!! You must be careful with clomid! Fwiw, the one clomid cycle that I did was my longest ever! I ovulated on day 57, yes 57. That was a dose of 50mg. They need to monitor you to see if you respond and if you actually ovulate.
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    I agree with everything the other ladies posted as well.  My OB was willing to hand out Clomid like it was candy with no monitoring what-so-ever and I jumped ship immediately.  Getting woman pregnant isn't really there area of expertise. &nbs

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    You do need to have a CD 3 ultrasound to check for cysts before taking clomid. 

    Your OB should know better than to do a CD 21 progesterone test.  This should not be on CD 21 unless you actually ovulate on CD 14.  It should be done

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    Like you, I started with my OB. She ran all of the initial testing (cd3 blood work, ultrasound, HSG, semen analysis, 7dpo blood work) and put me on three cycles of Tamoxifen, which is similar to Clomid. While I did not have any coverage for treatment o

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    I did not have A CD ultrasound but I did have CD 3 blood work. The doctor said he does not think I have PCOS because of mt LH ratio (he explained it to me but I cannot remember what he said). I've been using OPKs for about 6 months. I get a smiley face

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    Ok so correct me if I'm wrong. But low progesterone doesn't equal clomid use, correct? I have lean pcos and am anovulatory due to that. Nothing to do with progesterone. Without ovulating you can't get pregnant and the only way to see if you've ovulated as
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    Thanks everybody! I will be calling my dr today to see if I can at least get a cycle 3 ultrasound to make sure I'm clear then we can take it from there. Thanks!

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