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Jacobs story. Tried natural, ended up c.

I realise this long over due and therefore most probably don't care to hear it at this point, lol...but I was off the board for months until a few weeks ago and just been barely here even then! Anyway, here goes! (I tried to make his as quick as possible and left many details out but it's still long, sorry)

 I was due October 16th 2012. Went into labor on October 18th at 530am....regular contractions...a couple mins apart, increase in pain. Happen to have an ob appt that day at 230pm but called at 1030 and he said to come in. Did not get here till 130, he said the baby would come that night from the looks of things. I was 90% effaced and 2cm dilated but strong regular painful contractions etc.


i  labored naturally for 24 hrs from the onset of labor....the pain was uunbareable but I really did not want meds so I kept trying to go natural. I even hired a doula for support, had all the tools, etc. I tried labor in water too...nothing did much. For hours I labored in the hotel near hospital until I could no longer bare he pain...and then it still took me a couple hrs to get to hospital cause the contractions were right on top of each other the pain was so intense I could not walk out of room. Barely could move at all! Anyway...was checked in hospital but no progress despite good contractions etc... I believe it was just too painful for me to dilate properly...

 I got epidural 24 hrs after labor started. Started progressing fast. They said I should try to sleep. Every time I did, labored stalled. I kept telling them I need to be awake to concentrate but they kept pushing me to sleep. I was exhausted so I did. This went round and round for hours. I only progressed when awake and concentrating. 

I was on highest dose and had extra shots of meds and still could feel a large amount of pain but it was bearable this way. Eventually they said I reached my limit for meds. They told me way too late that there was a limit and where I was at! I had tarted pushing by that point...was pushing for three or so hours. But once drugs wore off completely I could not do it. 

I begged for another dose...I was so close.i knew it! But they would not allow. At this point it was over 50 hours of labor from onset of regular contractions. My water had been broken a few hours...they broke it to speed things up. My dr wanted to help me avoid csection since he knew how important that was to me so he let me go as long as he could. Anyway, they refused more meds. Said  natural or csection. I tried but my body kept pushing him out then squeezing his head back in from pain...I could not stop it. I was in so much pain even made the nurse cry..I found out later. Anyway...asked if I could have meds if csection, they said yes. So I gave up. 


I was traumatized by the whole experience and remember laying on the table crying silently as they cut me. I still see this often when i close my eyes. Still haunts m how awful it was.

 Jacob Noah was born October 20th 2012 at 940 am(I was born at 945am), 8lbs 4oz, 19 inches long...very healthy...but four days late via csection after a 52hr labor, 24 natural, the rest with epi. We had a doula, lots of natural birth tools, but ended up trying low doses of pitocin and having water broken to try to speed things up.


Had a very hard recovery since complications in pregnancy etc. wasn't really doing normal things till Jacob was three months old. He's five months now.

 When he was born he was very tense and cried a lot and seemed traumatized from the labor for various reasons etc. but he is healthy and doing great now...though he's still rather intense and high strung. Anyway, I'm so happy to have him...but we also decided no more pregnancies for me. If we choose to have more...either surrogacy or adoption. 


Sorry to have been out of touch for so long... 


Thanks for reading! 

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Re: Jacobs story. Tried natural, ended up c.

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