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Preschools near Stow

(I swore I posted this question before but now can't find it)

 Any good recommendations for preschools near Stow? We would really like DD to start preschool this fall, but I am getting frustrated. Every place we talk to/have visited make it sound like they have the greatest school, etc etc..and it very well could be the truth..but I was hoping someone could tell me who has a good program or who doesn't.

We would prefer an actual preschool program as opposed to a daycare/preschool (I've worked in "preschools" before and it seemed like all the kids did was play-there wasn't a lot of learning going on).


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Re: Preschools near Stow

  • My son attends Northminster CoOp Preschool in nearby Cuyahoga Falls and we love it there. It is a good mix of learning with play. Before choosing this one, we toured it and 2 others: Silver Lake preschool which I thought was a bit too academic for that ag
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