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Internal ultrasound?? Xpost

I'm supposed to have an internal ultrasound on cd3, whenever AF shows up and I've never had internal ultrasound before...  Is it painful?  Uncomfortable?  How does that all work when your in the middle of AF?  I'm a little apprehensive about that part of it...  Just looking for some insight and stories from ladies that have had this experience.  TIA!
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Re: Internal ultrasound?? Xpost

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    I've had many while cycling and in early pregnancy and it isn't painful or that uncomfortable.  They just lube up a wand and insert it, look around for a bit, take measurements, pictures and whatever else and then that's it!  It is a little more
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    No lie, having a transvaginal ultrasound during AF is pretty nasty. But, the tech/ REs are very accommodating and understanding. It's very normal for them. They put an absorbent pad below my bottom and gave me wipes a

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    The wand itself reminds me of some kind of light saber thing from a Star Wars movie - but it really isn't bad at all.  They put some warm gelly on it and gently put it in - or I've had techs ask if I wanted to insert it myself.  It's not pain

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    It is normal to have an internal u/s on CD3 when you are starting a treatment cycle or as part of initial testing. It doesn't hurt but can be uncomfortable if the are counting follicles and your ovaries are enlarged from stims. The doctors and u/s techs a
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    Like everyone else said, not a big deal. Once it's in I don't feel it much. Unless the doctor/tech says otherwise, make sure your bladder is empty. It can get uncomfortable with a full bladder.


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    I have had a ton of these...they are a piece of cake! Seriously it is like a big tampon...actually at my Dr.'s office the tech lets me insert it myself if I want. 

    I was a bit apprehensive the first time I had one done while on AF but

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    The "dildo cam" is no big deal at all. I've had at least a dozen...maybe more. IMO, a cervical exam is worse.  Now an "HSG" and a "hysteroscopy" are a little painful, but the dildo cam is a walk in the park.

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