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First round of IVF-negative :( Frozen embryo advice

So I just found out on Tuesday that my IVF attempt was unsuccessful :( It's very dis-heartening to just hear those words, "I'm sorry, it's negative." I've been trying to understand why, and unfourtuanetly my Dr doesn't have an answer. He said the 2 ebmbryo's they transferred were perfect, I guess I was just on the wrong side of the statistics. I was blessed to have 2 embryo's that we froze. It seems that the more I read into things I hear how frozen transfers can be just as successful. I like the idea that my body will be somewhat fresh from all the original meds and I can try another attempt(our last). Does anyone have any advice or success of attempts with trying IVF with frozen embryo's? I'd just like to feel as if I have some hope going into this next round.

 Thanks Ladies <3

Re: First round of IVF-negative :( Frozen embryo advice

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    I'm sorry that IVF was a BFN, but just wanted to say not to give up hope.  My history is in the siggie, but my son came from a FET after a failed fresh.  In fact, his "grade" was significantly lower than the embryos that failed.  I never th
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    I'm sorry it was a BFFN. We didn't have any embryos to freeze so I have no advice for you but wanted to say not to give up. GL!

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    I didn't have a failed fresh, but I had an FET and my first one was successful! Good luck!
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    I am so sorry about your BFN. You're right though. Sometimes you just fall on the wrong side of the odds. I have a son from IVF #2 and am pregnant with twins as a result of our first FET. Wishing you the very best of luck!
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    I failed my first two fresh IVFs, 1 embryo, then 3 embryos. I felt like it had something to do with hyperstimulating both times. My docs said that would have made it more likely to stick but I don't believe it. Got BFP on my first FET. Got a singleton fro
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    DrRxDrRx member
    I'm sorry that your IVF cycle didn't work.  I just did an FET cycle and it was so much easier in all aspects--monitoring, meds, mood, etc--than our IVF.  GL with your future FET!
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