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Tips to dry out milk supply

After 3 wks of trying to breastfeed and pumping non-stop, I'm calling it quits.  My supply has gone down to nearly nothing and it's not worth the time I'm putting in with all the pumping.  So, anyone have advice on how to dry up my supply quickly?  I've heard Ben.adryl can help, but I'm worried about making myself even sleepier than I already am.  My plan is to go as long as I can without needing to pump, then only pump enough to relieve some pain.  But I'm sure there's more I could be doing to help this process along.

Any advice you have would be appreciated.  I pumped for over 6 months with DS1, but since that was 10+ yrs ago, I don't remember what I did when I stopped. 



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Re: Tips to dry out milk supply

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    I've heard cabbage leaves in your bra. I think there were a couple other things on kellymom. Good luck! I hope your tatas feel better soon!
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    I did the cabbage leaves. FYI, you will smell, don't go out in public with them. I was laughing hysterically when I realized the smell I kept asking DH about was me!
    ~ Me, 30 DH, 32 ~ TTC since Oct 2009 septum resection 3/2010 stage IV endo 8/2011 IVF #1 1/25/12, 2 transferred, 2 frozen - BFN FET 2/22/12, 2 transferred - BFN IVF#2 5/12, transferred 3, froze 5, BFP! Beta 1: 151, Beta 2: 282 Cerclage placed @ 17 weeks due to shortening cervix, modified bed rest until delivery SAIF/PAIF always welcome image It's a girl! ~ Clare was born 1/31/13
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    Instead of pumping to relieve pressure I'd just take a hot shower and manually express. It relieves the pain and pressure but doesn't stimulate the same way pumping does. Plus, you get a shower!
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    cabbage leaves work really fast
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    Cabbage leaves helped me too.
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    Instead of pumping to relieve pressure I'd just take a hot shower and manually express. It relieves the pain and pressur
    image DS 7.6.2011 TTC#2
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    I have no advice but just wanted to add what a trooper you are for trying!!
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    Cabbage leaves in my bra did it!
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    Cabbage leaves really do work. Also, antihistamines help a lot. Cut your pumping out if you can do it without getting mastitis or engorged. If you get engorged easily, then wean your pumping down by an ounce or so a day until you're down to basically noth
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