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LA/OC Shower Venues?

I am due Labor Day weekend, which means I?ll be spending my entire third trimester in the summer (hooray). I?d love to have an outdoor shower, preferably near the beach so we can get a nice breeze and not sweat to death. I live near Seal Beach, but most of my family and friends are in LA, work friends are in LB.

We are on a budget ($500 or less for a day event), and I am totally fine with having it at a park. Can you ladies please recommend a venue that is shaded and that possibly has hook-ups for grills (thinking about having a taco lady)?


Re: LA/OC Shower Venues?

  • El dorado regional park has some really nice picnic areas.

    Monte verde park in lakewood is really nice, with a cute lodge like rec room.

    Averill park in San Pedro also has some nice picnic areas.

    The beach venues t
  • Great suggestions! Thank you so much. I'll be taking a look at these soon.
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