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milford regional hospital

Hi ladies! We are new to the area and just found out we are expecting our first!!! :) Milford Regional Hospital is the closest to us geographically. Can anyone speak to their experience there? Recommendations for an obgyn? Thanks! 

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  • I see Dr. Mead Clough. I DO NOT recommend her. I have heard wonderful things about Dr. Jeng. If hubby and I try for a second we will use Dr. Jeng. Have heard nothing but amazing things about her.
  • I am currently with Dr. Clough and planned on delivering at Milford Regional, but only 12 weeks along so there is still time to change.  Why do you (Nicole824325) NOT recommend her??
  • I see Dr. Marshall, and I've only heard good things about her and the hospital.  My 3 nieces and nephews were all born there (both natural and c section) and I know nurses in other parts of the hospital. 

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  • I have been extremely sick my entire pregnancy with HG, and she hasn't been the least bit helpful or tried anything more than a "try and eat small meals" on me, when that's impossible for me cause it doesn't stay in my body, but comes back up. I have lost
  • That is the very same impression I have gotten from her.  I have not had to deal with her a whole lot yet, so I guess that's good, but I found the nurses and nurse practitioners to be great in that office so far.  Thanks for the response and the
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