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Ladies who have had breech vag deliveries and/or 4th degree tears?

If so, how did you heal/feel afterward? I had my baby two years ago. I suffered a 4th degree laceration, which wasn't actually as painful as it sounds. However, I have had fecal leakage ever since have seen specialist after specialist, have had physical therapy and numerous humiliating tests. Essentially the tear caused damage to my internal sphincter, and there apparently isn't a fix for it. TMI, I know.

Soooo, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a vag breech birth and experienced similar issues? Or if those with 4th degree tears from a "regular" birth had a similar issue? We're you able to resolve the issue? If so, how? Or did you just learn to live with it?

My baby's breech position was discovered at the last minute, when I was 8 cm dilated. The vag delivery was my doctor's idea, not mine. I am currently preggo again and next delivery will be via csection or I risk lifelong, severe incontinence with a repeat tear. Sigh...

Re: Ladies who have had breech vag deliveries and/or 4th degree tears?

  • Did they not do an ultrasound when you first arrived at the hospital to confirm the baby's position? 

    You might want to speak to a lawyer in your state who does medical malpractice.  I'm pretty sure confirming the baby's position prior

  • Thanks for your response. I've spoken to attorney after attorney. It is difficult to prove malpractice in my case for a variety of reasons. I only found one lawyer who was willing to take my case the payback would be far too "small potatoes" for the time
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