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Tricare Q at Ft Bragg

My husband is active duty at Ft Bragg, I have Tricare Prime and am 14 weeks. I see my PCM off base at a clinic that only sees dependents until 32 weeks then I finally get to see an OB/GYN. I still haven't had an ultrasound at 14 weeks, I saw my PCM today and she finally ordered one for 4 to 6 my first ultrasound will be at 18 to 20 weeks. Is this normal for tricare prime or am I getting screwed? I'm just a little frustrated at this point!!! Thanks to all responses!

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  • It really varies from doctor to doctor and what they deem medically necissary. I think most do at least one around 13 weeks for the NT scan and then another around 20 for the anatomy scan, but it really does vary. And that goes for all doctors and all in
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  • The number of ultrasounds you have has nothing to do with Tricare and everything to do its your doctor. Some want or need more, some want or need less. The ACOG standard is still one ultrasound at 18-22 weeks, which is what you're getting. 

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  • I'm at Bragg too and am also seen at one of the off post military medical facilities. My PCM gave me the option to stay with her until 32 weeks or to request a transfer to the OB/Midwife clinic at Womack. I opted to switch and have been seen at Womack sta
  • Have you gone to the Tricare office to ask why you can't see an OB sooner than 32 weeks?

    Where I'm at they refer you to OB immediately, but OB won't see you till 8-10 weeks unless there's a problem.  If you're a dependent and they don't have

  • What clinic do you go to? I went to the one off raeford and they sent me to Womack for OB care as soon as I found out I was pregnant. That is really weird to me. You should get one US early on to confirm pregnancy and then your AS scan at 20 weeks.
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  • I am also at Bragg and also began this pregnancy seeing an off-base clinic but they switched me to the hospital because they had too many pregnant ladies for my month, or something like that.

    I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks but only because they

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    The number of ultrasounds you have has nothing to do with Tricare and everything to do its your doctor. Some want or need
  • We are at Bragg, I had prime with my first pregnancy and womack was full so my PCM (off post) gave me a referral to an OB of my choice. I picked one close to home (we live on the edge of southern pines). I had an u/s at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. I
  • I am at Hope Mills Medical Home. I requested a referral and my PCM put it in so I should be able to call next week and have my 1620 week appointment be with an OB instead of PCM. Not sure where she put in the referral for though...I'm guessing Womack.
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