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Suggestions for steamed spinach?

Hi all! I am new to trying spinach...never liked it in the past due to weird texture issues. But, I have decided to man-up and get over it, so I bought a huge Costco size container of fresh spinach, but ended up having to head out of town before I could use it fresh. So i steamed it and froze it.  Now what can I do with it? I would prefer to " hide" it in other foods at first  to get used to it, any suggestions? Maybe chop it up and hide it in meat loaf or something?  

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Re: Suggestions for steamed spinach?

  • You can really use it in any recipe that calls for frozen spinach - just defrost and squeeze out the excess moisture.

    There's a post a little down about spinach with some ideas, you can use it in much the same way.

    You can certainly use it

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  • What about add it to quiche; a hot dip; greek pizza; we love monster smoothies (spinach, peanut butter, honey, strawberries, and bananas); Stuffed chicken breasts

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  • Thanks ladies! You mentioned pasta so I am going to add some to the veggie/sausage pasta bake I am making for dinner and hopefully it blends in! I will look up some recipes for your other suggestions and hopefully we can eat it often!
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