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So a fun question..


What type of party would you plan for you LO birthday if money was no issue? What are some things that you may have seen and thought my the kids would love that but realize that there is no way to justify the cost?


My I wanted to rent a trackless train for one of my son's birthday in the future but the cost is a little high but not too high I can not just save for it. I also thought about a jumper with a slide and the whole big top fun things but the cost again can get high is you do not pay attention to these thing but hey a mom can dream right.

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Re: dream kids party

  • Her party this year is turning out to be really fun. It's an L hearts NY theme. She loves NYC and loves to travel there, so we're serving NY food and desserts, having a photobooth {thank you livingsocial deal!}, I'm going to hire a few high school girls to come and paint their nails. It'll be a night "on the town". Other than this theme, I'd love to do a completely over the top Alice in Wonderland party.
  • A "bouncy" party - filled with all the different inflatables.  Slides, basketball courts, obstacle courses, velcro walls, the works!

    More realistically, I can't wait to do a paint party.  Canvases set up on easels, a paint-filled-balloon dart throw, etc.  That'll probably be his 3rd birthday.

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