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Hi, can anyone recommend good lactation consultants in baltimore? I live in the city, but i would travel to the surrounding counties for the right person.

Thank you!! 

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  • When I had my son I really like the lactation nurse at Franklin square. They also have a breast feeding support group/post partum group on wednesdays (not PP depression, I think the name is misleading)  it's free and usually the serve lunch (catered), at least they did when I went.  Call 443-777-7000, ask for lactation and leave a message (must leave message, they will call u back within 2 days)

     Good luck!  

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  • Without a doubt Susan Weyer is amazing. She taught the BF class I took at HCGH. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about what she does. I made a comment that if every new mom or expecting mom got to spend 30 min with her everyone would BF and BF successfully as well. She even gave the whole class her home phone number. I don't have it with me at the moment but if you're interested PM me and I'll send it to you.
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  • I used the GBMC ones when I had DS 5 years ago and they were wonderful, GL


    Both of these LCs helped me with both my children.  They are fantastic! 

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  • As previous poster stated, Franklin Square has a wonderful LC named Kathleen that helped my daughter and I tremendously in the beginning. Good luck!
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  • Ann Faust and she makes house calls!  Totally saved me.  Babyandme lactation services I believe is the name of her business.
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