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HE washers and waterproof mattress pad

Just bought a new Samsung washer and when I opened the lid, I saw a sticker that said you can't wash anything waterproof ? If this is truly the case, which I believe it is with most HE washers, I don't think I can keep it for obvious reasons.

Has anyone washed their LO's mattress pads in one of these with success ? I can't imagine it not being ok, because how could anyone with children function with these washers ?


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Re: HE washers and waterproof mattress pad

  • I should add it's top load, not front load.

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  • image the mathlete:
    Whaaaaaat! I didn't notice anything like that, but I have a front loader. I have had no issues washing waterproof things.

    Same here. TBH though I never read the directions for it.

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  • I have a GE top loader, HE washer and its doesnt say that...or i have never noticed. I have washed D's mattress pads and waterproof changing table pads in it with no issue.

  • I'm glad you said that, because it was a big WTF moment for me. TBH, I was gonna do it anyway and keep my fingers crossed lol

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  • We've washed the waterproof pads a bunch of times in our front load one.
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  • Our samsung has that sticker... I ignored.


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  • I have a really old top loader and my waterproof stuff always gets ruined eventually even if I was as directed and dry on the lowest setting.

    I had the ultimate crib sheet replaced once already (for free, they are supposed to last a year) and the second one already has tiny slits in the bottom (only ~2 months old, which defeats the purpose). I haven't called customer service yet but it is annoying.

    I also ruined many of those pad covers with the plastic back that you put on the changing pad. They just don't last long at all.

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