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People drive me crazy. A friend of mine is having a baby shower tomorrow and it's taking everything I have to keep my mouth shut about it. First of all, I'm pretty sure she is throwing it herself (gag). Second, I just went to look at her registry, because I haven't purchased anything yet, and it looks like she literally went into Target and scanned every item that had the word "baby" on it. There's like 300 items on it, so many duplicates, too. She is constantly posting things on FB about it, asking if people are coming, giving their address for people to send gifts if they can't make it, even something about looking forward to meeting new friends at the shower! Um, hello? Shouldn't you only be inviting people you already know!?

Alright, I'm done venting. 

Happy Saturday, ladies.  :)


Re: Baby Shower Vent

  • Yes ideally you should only invite people you know to the shower, but a lot of the time the grandmas to be like to invite their own friends and these might be people you have never met before. Although I agree with other stuff questionable.
  • That is insane! I thought my registry with like 40ish things on it was insanely greedy. I hate it when people post stuff all over FB. We get it, you're having a baby!
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  • But how else is she to get all 300 items? ;) 

    This is a perfect example of a gift grabby momma to be.  


  • wow, I don't think I had 300 things on my wedding registry. i couldn't imagine having that many on a baby registry. As for the Facebook part, I actually deactivated my account because of 1. family drama and 2. stupid crap like that girl was putting on there. In my witchy, dream land I'd send flowers and a funny greeting card:) BUT, in reality, I would just send a gift card and avoid the party altogether.
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