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When to send shower invitations

My cousin, Aunt & Mother are planning my baby shower for May 5th. My cousin text me last night asking when she should send out the invitations. I'm not exactly sure myself. I know weddings ate 6 weeks in advance. I also know that May is a busy month for a lot of ppl, so she wants to give ample amount of notice. 

My invitations to my wedding shower went out 2 weeks in advance (if that) and all but 2 people on my H's side weren't able to attend bc of the short notice.

So, which is it? 6 weeks, 4-5 weeks, or, less? 

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Re: When to send shower invitations

  • I would say around 3 weeks. 
  • 3-4 weeks is usually plenty of time.
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  • 3-4 weeks is good time. Any sooner and it's overkill, any less and it's not enough time.



  • I agree with 3-4 weeks; however, if you want to mention it to your MIL, H, or other family members who would benefit from some advance notice, I don't see where that is problematic. For a shower I hosted, I emailed an OOT friend to give her the heads up, on the off chance she could make it. She really appreciated it, and did end up making it. 
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