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Opinions on this hostess gift please!

I haven't ever posted on this board, but I thought you would all be great people to ask about this. 

My mom, 2 aunts, and younger cousin are all throwing my shower and they are amazing.  They threw my bridal shower too and it was beautiful.  In order to show my appreciation I want to give them each a really nice hostess gift, but I don't have a ton of money to spend.  Please give me your honest opinions on this gift idea.

I want to buy these Vera Bradley shower caddys that are on sale right now for $16


I will fill them with shower and body stuff from Lush (a favorite of ours), a bottle of wine (except for my young cousin), a loofa, a candle, and other shower things.  I will attach a card that says, "Thank you for making my shower amazing.  I hope this will help you to have a wonderful shower too!"

What do you think?


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Re: Opinions on this hostess gift please!

  • Honestly, I personally wouldn't spend over a $100 (which is what I assume you would end up spending) on hostess gifts. A simple thank you is plenty good. A bottle of wine would be fine too. Maybe it's just me but the whole purpose of these women throwing you a shower is to A) welcome you into motherhood by B) giving you a bunch of gifts to lighten your load.

    Yes, yes, yes, you're supposed to be able to support your own baby. But one of the intents IS to help set you up for life with baby, even if that's just clothes and blankets.

    That all being said, it is a lovely gift. I would just feel awkward getting such an elaborate gift in this situation.

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  • I think you know them best.  If they'd like that, then do it.  I, personally, have a crap ton of bath products that people give me figuring it is a generic thing that everyone wants but I am allergic to a lot of scented stuff so it never gets used and a lot of the loofah type stuff doesn't either. Every few years, I purge the stuff and donate it.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with giving a different gift to each host - tailor something to their likes and tastes and you should be good. 

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  • I would also do something smaller/more simple. I think people like edible gifts. 

    Box of Sees Candies chocolates (or Godiva). Bottle of wine. Gift certificate to a restaurant.

    Personally, I don't like "stuff" as much.  

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  • I think it's nice.
  • EmJ&BEmJ&B member
    I like your idea!
    Daniel ~ October 21, 2013

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