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DD#3 - What am I missing??

Hi Ladies,

I posted here a couple months ago and you were all super helpful.  Still trying to refine my list for DD#3, given my history, I don't think I'll decide before she is born, but I want to have a list of 4-5 names that I know could be the ones!

I have an Evelyn Grace and a Charlotte Mae at home . . . our last name is 4 syllables and starts and ends in A, so I can't use any girl names ending with A.  Also, I'm finding that names ending in N or T seem to sound too much like my DDs.  I love Vivian and Lillian, but feel that they sound too much like Evelyn?  I like Violet and Colllette but feel they sound too much like Charlotte!

So this is what I have, what am I missing? Trying to stick with the classic/old lady-ish vibe . . .




Adele (hesitant about this becasue of the singer but I love the name)

Isabel (I love the name but I don't think we can do it b/c its SOOO popular)

For MNs I like Gray, Tate, June, Elle, Wren, Reese and Rose.  The only one that has any family connection is Rose as I had an amazing great aunt Rosemary that everybody loved. Unfortunately Jane is out, as our only female cousin has that MN and I don't feel like I could use it. 

Really appreciate your feedback and advice!

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Re: DD#3 - What am I missing??

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