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My BFF just tm and asked if she should address envelopes seperately that live at the same address. For example my immediate cousin let my cousin in law move in. So I have both of them on the list. Would she send one to my cousin and then another to her brother's new wife? Or address one envelope?

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Re: address invites

  • I would do 2 separate invites to the same address.  General rule of thumb is, if they are 16 and over, they get their own invite.
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  • imageMandJS:

    I would send one addressed to both. 

    ETA: If they give you a joint gift, I would also feel comfortable sending one thank you.  HOWEVER. If they each give you an individual gift, I would send 2 thank yous. 

     I respectfully disagree. :)  Joint gift or not, 2 separate thank you notes should be sent.  
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