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Noah's Birth Story

he Beginning of New Life.

It started on June 20th on 2012. I had my 39week check up and i was almost 4 centimeters. My OBGYN told me that i was moving along very nicely and that he was going to stretch my cervix out to 4 centimeters. it was very painful and right then i knew one of the next few days would be the greatest day of my life. He told me to make and appointment but said i would probably not be in there in a week and said to hold off till friday when he was on call to give birth so he could be there. 

All day after Wednesday after the appointment i felt strange and knew things were changing. i felt more contractions but none of them were strong enough or close together. i never went to sleep that night. 3am on Thursday June 21st 2012 i was in some pain and contractions were coming 5 mins apart. I woke Justin up and he got him mom and we drove to the hospital. i was in the hospital till 8am that morning. they said the contractions werent regular enough and told me to come back when they got to be unbearably strong. 

Justin then went to work because nothing much was going on with me and he needed to go make the money for diapers haha. I slept till about noon and when i woke up i felt stronger contractions but it was still bearable. Justins mom told me that a real ready contraction would be when it was so painful i would cry. I wasnt feeling like crying pain i just stuck through each contraction. i was expecting alot worse so i didnt go to the hospital just yet.

later that day around 4pm i knew that i should at least go get checked out again at the hospital. i waited till 5pm for justin to get home and when he did we went straight to the hospital. i went in and said my contractions were stronger but werent very regular still. they put me in a labor room and said your not leaving today. they put my IV in and i was set to go. 

I got hooked up to all the monitors and sat and waited for the the doctor on call to come in to check my cervix. Justin and i waited for about 15 minutes and Justin got thirsty so left to get a drink. Right after he left the doctor came in and checked me. she told me i was 9 centimeters and i was in shock. i thought i was only about 6 centimeters at most but not 9! i cried. that was the first time i really got scared of birth. I realized that my baby would be coming very very soon. when justin came back i told him the news and he was in shock too. we both didnt really know what to say or do. 

They asked me if i wanted an epidural. i said yes because i thought maybe it would ease some of my pain but i really wasnt in much pain. i was definitley able to handle it. but i said yes anyway. i got the epidural but nothing changed. i still felt the same as before. it was then i knew that i would be going natural. That scared me even more. The OB then came back in to break my water. she said i was almost ten so she broke in and immediatly i had the great urge to push. i felt Noah moving down the birth canal and then i knew he would be here in front of my eyes and in my lap. i couldnt believe it i didnt know what to say. they nurses got the tables and lights and everything ready for this baby to come out. everything went so quickly i had no time to prepare mentally or phisically. 

The next words i heard was from the nurse teaching me how to push. 7:40pm i started pushing. it was the most painful thing i have expierinced in my life. but i really wasnt thinking of the pain until after it was over. i had a few good and long pushes and before i knew it 7:52pm Noah Jonathan Lyons was born. My life changed for the good at that moment i heard his first cry and gasp for air. It was the most precious thing laying in my lap still connected to me by umbilical cord. all i saw was his face. i saw no one else just precious peanut that i waited 9 long hard months to see, now i get to hold.



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