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Pregnancy mentioned****My sisters loss :

Im now 19w preg. With my first. when I came out and told my family I was pregnant at 7w, my sister came out and told everyone she was trying to conceive. My sister started planing my baby shower and I told her I planed for her to be my baby's god mother. Then about a month ago she announced to the family she was pregnant. I was so happy for her but last week she lost the baby. I don't know how I should go about my pregnancy when she wants to continue my baby shower and do my registry with me next week. When I know she's going to be heart broken about her little angel. She's trying to be sting but I know she's hurting: Do you ladies have any advise on how I should go about this? I love my sister and don't want make her sad with me still going on with my baby.
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Re: Pregnancy mentioned****My sisters loss :

  • Not trying to be mean but this is the description at the top of this board:

    "This board is intended to be support for those who experienced the loss of a child, whether late pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infant loss, or that of an older child."

    If she had a miscarriage (which is what it sounds like) please ask this on the miscarriage board, we are going through something much different.

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  • Next time, please include a warning, as reading about your pregnancy might be hard for some here.  Please check out our blog and links posted on the board header.  I'm very sorry for your sister's loss.
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  • It is good that you are willing to think of your sister. Take your cues from her, and allow her to talk (or not) as much as she wants. While her loss will be different from what a lot of us have experienced, it is still a loss she will deal with the rest of her life. Be supportive of her and ask her what she needs from you.
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