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just wondering

With my first child I was able to see the dr and hear the babies heart beat at 6 weeks I believe I got a sonogram at 8 weeks. I am pregnant with my second and the new dr I am seeing won't allow me to come until 12 weeks plus we will only be able to hear heart beat at that time. Anyone else have to wait this long?

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  • Hm... I am no expert, but that does seem really long. Most OBs don't have you in until week 7-8...

    ETA: You could make an appointment with another doctor if you aren't set on the one you  chose initially.

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  • Twelve weeks is really late. If you want to get the NT scan, you have to get it between 11 and 13 weeks, and that doesn't even really give you time to schedule it. 
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  • Mine saw me at 6 weeks... 12 seems late, but I guess some doctors do that. try another in your area if you can, to see if they're different
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  • My doc schedules a us at 8 weeks. I think this is a great time to have first appointment personally because after seeing a heartbeat at this point the risk if miscarriage goes down significantly. I do think if you want a nuchal screening you better find another doc.
  • What I've heard is that most people go in around 8w and get the initial appt blood work. Then go in for their 12w. It's normal to not have an u/s until 20w unless you opt to have the NT scan done.
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  • My Doc sees you between 10-12 weeks for the first time.  First U/S is at 20 weeks.  Only exceptions are for previous MC or if there are concerns.

    It was the same way 8 years ago for me with a different Doc when I was PG with my DS.


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  • Its normal. Don't worry. 

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  • Thank you all. It's just making me sooo anxious waiting. It's only 3 weeks away but still. My husband thinks we should go to a different dr but we would have to travel over an hour away. 
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