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My milk still hasnt come in...

I had the baby Monday around noon, and now its Thursday night and my milk still hasnt come in. I have noticed her drinking a bit more and my breasts feeling a little fuller today, but not like it was with my other two kids.

When my milk came in with them, I woke up drenched in milk in the middle of the night both times and milk was coming out like crazy for weeks. I could feel a definate let down and if I didnt feed right on schedule I would leak right through pads and clothes. I dont remember what exact day this happened before though.

Since I successfully breastfed two other kids, I should be okay this time right? My milk might just be delayed a day or two? Im getting worried it might not come....

Me 33, DH 33, Charlotte 5, Ethan 3
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Re: My milk still hasnt come in...

  • Still hasn't been five days yet, right? Maybe it'll take another day or two?
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  • Sounds like it's just starting to gear up...just keep nursing frequently!  It's good you noted she's drinking and you're fuller. You might not get engorged.

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  • it took almost a week for mine to come in. But I'm an EP so once it finally came in, I was pumping 12oz every 3 hours!
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  • My milk started to come in on day 6, and didn't fully come in for another day or so. I have NEVER been engorged, and am still successfully BFing at 23 months.
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