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Small mouth and large nipples...

After finally having a private breastfeeding consultation I was told that my nipples are too large to fit into my sons small mouth right now. He latches on and sucks for 1520 minutes but only gets one ounce. After sucking so hard he's too tired to get enough easy milk from the bottle. Which then causes him to wake up every 12 hours at night. She recommended that I stop breastfeeding right now and pump after every time I feed him the bottle then he can top off on the breast for comfort or extra milk. At least this way he's fed a full bottle effortlessly.

I'm frustrated but not completely discouraged. She mentioned that he can grow on my nipple as he gets bigger and his jaw muscles strengthen. Anyone else facing this?


Re: Small mouth and large nipples...

  • I had to buy large flages for my pump. size 36.5, and there are larger ones. Just want to mention that incase you haven't already thought about it. It made pumping much more comfortable for me. 
  • I was never diagnosed with this but I think it was part of our problem. I would follow her advice. It took about 3 weeks to get him completely to breast and then I dealt with latch issues after that caused by what I can assume was the same issue. Around 5 weeks something cclicked and we have been great ever since! Hang in there! Its stressful and so much work at first...take it day by day
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