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Choosing an OB?

Hi everyone, 

I'm newly pregnant (just 5 weeks today!) and need some advice on choosing an OB. I got a recommendation from my primary care physician, and made an appt, but she doesn't want to see me until I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant. Keep in mind, all I've done so far is pee on a stick. I'd love some confirmation that I'm actually pregnant (although the lack of period is pretty good confirmation).

What did you do? Did you interview several OBs? If so, how many and how far along were you?

Thanks for any advice! 

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Re: Choosing an OB?

  • I was already with my OB since she is an OBGYN.  I had been seeing her for all my female needs already. I just researched OBGYNs in my areas and based on her profile, I felt she would be a good fit.

    8 weeks is considered pretty standard though for your first appt. 

    Congratulations and good luck!

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  • I wouldn't be weighing my choices of a care provider based on the 8w rule. That's pretty standard regardless of OB or midwife - some even wait til 10w to see new patients.

    As far as questions to ask to see if she's a good fit, I'd start by asking her c/s rate as well as philosophy of care. But those are things that are personally important to me - I want a provider with a low c/s rate and a hands off approach who doesn't favor intervention unless there are health risks .

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  • 8 weeks is pretty standard. My OB didn't see me til 12 weeks. There's nothing to see before then other than you taking a hcg test in the office. You already took one at home, so you know what the answer will be.

    I didn't interview different OBs, I just looked up some reviews and statistics online.

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