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11 month old and moving into new home

Wondering if anyone has any experience with their LO and moving into a new home close to the year mark? When we moved from NY down to MD, DD was 4 months and it wasn't really a big thing but now that she's older I'm curious how she'll handle it-if the new environment will throw her off. 

We are finally moving out of my parent's house! I'm sure I'll miss the perks like the live-in babysitters but we seriously need our own space. Although I'm a little worried that DD will be like wtf, where's the constant attention from grandma and grandpa?

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Re: 11 month old and moving into new home

  • I moved when DS was 18 months.  I took my time moving in but one of the first things we moved was his crib.  Anytime we were over at the new house painting etc, I would bring him along and he could cruise around and take naps etc to get a feel for everything.  I think it took me around 10 days to actually move in. 
  • We moved when DS was 9 months old. We made sure to move his bedroom first so we got it completely set-up for our first night in the new place. He was a little confused at first, but having his bed, toys, books, etc. together in one place helped.
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  • Luke was 2 when we moved. I just made sure I kept the routine strictly the same and it seemed to make transition really easy on him. I don't remember any major issues.


    The first few nights I left the light in the upstairs bathroom on (which illuminated the hallway)  that seemed to help too until he was used to the new sounds and location


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