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warning - fluff post: kourtney kardashian

Does anyone watch this show???  I never thought I'd be a fan but finding myself sitting for long breastfeeding/pumping sessions, I flipped to the "Kim and Kourtney in Miami" series and I'm hooked!  The whole story line with Kim stealing Kourney's breastmilk to apply to her rash (psoriasis) is so entertaining.  You can't make this stuff up (or can you...LOL).  Since I struggle with the bf some days it's fun to watch the fluff tv.  This is my guilty pleasure for sure!  Any other fans out there?!?

Re: warning - fluff post: kourtney kardashian

  • Guilty, too.

    I generally avoid the K family like the plague, but with so many BF sessions, it's sometimes hard to find *something* remotely entertaining on the TV. 

    I can't wait to see if Kim eats her words about Kourtney's post-preg wardrobe, work schedule, breastmilk, etc.
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  • Guilty!! Between shaking my head and watching in disbelief at the Jodi Arias stuff on HLN (ugh, that case drives me nutso) I will flip it on K&K. Kim is ridiculous. What I want to know, is how in the hell Kourtney makes that much milk? Those bottles have to be a good 5-6 ounces. Unless shes combining pumping amounts then she has a good supply lol.



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