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Placenta Pills?!

So just started researching the heath benefits of getting your placenta made into pill form and was wondering if anyone out there actually did this? Are there really benefits to doing this (better recovery time, healthy and beneficial for breastfeeding and helps against depression)?
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Re: Placenta Pills?!

  • I've heard it works wonders, but I don't know if I'm crunchy enough to try it! haha
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  • I did it, had a fairly easy recovery and got over the baby blues pretty fast.  I don't have any other experiences to compare it too, but I will probably do it again.
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  • Didn't do it with DD, but will do it with my next. I had a very smooth and easy recovery the 1st time around, though I was a hormonal mess. It'll be interesting to see the difference!
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  • I didn't with DS but I fully intend to do it this time. I had postpartum depression and terribly low milk supply. I figure it can't hurt anything and I hope it will help. I'm very interested to see if it does give the benefits that are claimed.
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  • I saw this earlier and started googling it. Being a FTM, its a little scary to me, but at the same time, I am interested. How large are the pills? I have the hardest time swallowing pills.

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  • imageMandJS:
    I did placental encapsulation for my 2nd pregnancy. Hard to say for sure if it worked, but my milk came in much better/stronger than my first pregnancy, and I felt physically and emotionally great after giving birth. So... I will do it again if I get KU in the future. I discussed with my OB and her comment was that it wasn't her style, but she didn't see how it could necessarily hurt.nbsp;
    This last sentence is exactly my thoughts on it. Not for me but have at it if you want.




  • My friend did the placenta encapsulation with her 2nd, not her 1st.  Her 2nd, her mood was calmer, less hormonal.  She accidentally skipped one of her pills and she even felt a difference with missing one, emotion-wise.

    I would never have considered it, if it weren't for her having had such positive results.  I was a hormonal wreck and that out of control hormone crash scares me the most.

    Still not sure if I can do it or not.

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  • It sounds horrifying, but now I'm curious enough to look into it. 

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  • I had every intention of doing this last time. I read many many many testimonials and my favorites were the ones of moms who had done it once and not the other. So many who have severe PPD with one baby didn't have an inkling with another after doing placenta encapsulation. I really haven't heard anyone say "it was a waste and didn't change anything"

    It helps depression, bleeding, and breastfeeding. I hope that this time I can do it. My DD came 3 weeks early and we did not have the money to do it then. Will be putting it aside early this time! 

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