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Dailymom.com is a new website I found today. I've been browsing through it this morning and seems like a good goto website for us busy mamas.

Sorry it's not a clicky, on my phone!
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Re: Dailymom.com

  • Haha! Just fyi, the lady who is the owner and creator of this website is the same one who was the source of a lot of bump fun last year for such gems like refusing to leave the house to work outside of the home during her pregnancy because stress and germs can cause "homosexualism," only buying her daughter organic everything, unless it is free, in which case she writes amazing product reviews for the non organic product, not letting her daughter be watched by any babysitters for fear of germs but letting her rub her face and hands all over golf course grass because "kids need to be kids," not making her six month old wear a life jacket on a motorboat because her daughter "doesn't like to be restrained," giving up cloth diapering after about 2 minutes because she was afraid her daughter would never learn to roll over due to the bulkiness of the diaper, etc.

    She and her husband run really sketchy businesses from home and have been sued many times. She was 17 and he was 33 when they met on the Internet through a Russian dating website. He came to visit her that year and filled a room with tea candles and roses on the sheets to woo her... Disgusting, considering the age and power difference. She thinks all that stuff is super cute and the makings of a classic love story!

    All this is a long way of saying that this mom is not someone who I am going to be taking parenting inspiration from!
  • I found her blog through TB and am familiar with her views/opinions. Some I agree with and some I don't. I didn't know anything about their business or relationship though. Where'd you find that info?

    Regardless, I think the site could still be helpful. Like anything else, it's up to the viewer to take and leave what they want from it.
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