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Pump help

I think there may be something wrong with my pump. DD is 4 weeks old today. Since she was probably a week old i have been pumping in the morning to build a little stash. DD has always only ate off of one side and was always satisfied with that. I would pump right after she ate and would usually get 2 to 2 and a half ozs from the side she didn't eat from and about a half oz from the other side.

Yesterday and today when i tried pumping i got like a half oz combined! There was barely any milk coming out from the side she didn't eat off of. I changed the membranes changed the flanges played with the speed. Nothing worked! Now I'm getting worried its my supply dropping and not the pump! It was two hours after she ate last so i should have had more than that from the side she didn't eat from. Anyone have any ideas? I have a madela pump by the way. Thanks!
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Re: Pump help

  • Make you sure you stay hydrated and try pumping more often. I had a problem with supply in the beginning when DS was born and I just kept pumping and having him feed more often. It worked, If nothing seems to work call a LN
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  • I agree about the supply. Maybe try to keep hydrated and see what happens the next day. I know that happened to me once or twice when DD was younger, where I'd get a few ounces one day and like maybe .75 oz the next day, but the ounces were up again the next. I'd say talk to a lactation consultant or a LLL leader.
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