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will they still induce if you're sick?

I'm down with a nasty cold...had a very miserable night..I was so happy that I made it this far without getting sick but I was put on steroids for my platelets and the next day I am down with a cold..:(

I'm scheduled for induction Saturday morning, if I am still sick, would they still go ahead with with the induction?

Re: will they still induce if you're sick?

  • I guess a follow up question/worry of mine is the coughing...it already hurts to cough, the baby is sitting so low and every time I cough it hurts..I am worried that if this cough continues through saturday, how much more would it hurt when I'm all scared/teared from the labor...

    sorry if this doesn't make sense..i'm so out of it...

  • if it is not completely necessary  i would think they might wait til you feel a little better. i think my doctor would wait the day or two because it takes such a toll on your body
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  • They will probably wait a while.I have a chest cold too and my doc says when it clears we will set and induce date.she wants me well first.feel you on the Antibiotics and the coughing it's killer as if we aren't uncomfortable enough. Still working on top of that, ready to be well and holding my baby girl.
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