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Roll Call!

whats everyone doing tonight??
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Re: Roll Call!

  • I'm laying here in bed, trying to sleep but having no luck!
  • I've been taking care of Rosie and trying to get this house in order. DH has a "tummy ache" Confused, which means he cannot lift a finger. It's a strain of man cold apparently.
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  • I just got a spider bite and I can't find my vinegar. I swear I didn't run out. I think DD put it away in the wrong spot, but she's asleep. 
  • we're watching college basketball!! I'm so ready for march madness
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  • I'm not here
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • I'm here, but probably going to go to bed soon. Don't worry though, I'll be bumping again at 3am when I get up to pump...
    DS1 November 2009
    DS2 August 2012
  • Im here and now Im not.
  • Ignoring the mess the Toddler Tornado made in my room.

    I cleaned my room spotless last night and had some laundry neatly folded on the bed earlier.  After we came home from our daily stuffs the kids went nuts in my bedroom and I'm just kind of like,


    // I love you too. //

  • Getting a back rub from DH during American Idol. w00t.
  • Trying really hard not to punch my husband in the face. Also thinking that I should finally send out thank you cards for A's birthday party that was 2.5 weeks ago, but lacking the motivation to get my asss off the couch.

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