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I have a breast friend pillow but it was given to me and I find it impossible to put the cover back on after washing (may be because its used?).  Does anyone find the boppy is better or should I just buy a brand new breast friend? 

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  • I've never used the breast friend, but I do love my boppy.

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  • I have both, and like both. I do agree though that the breast friend cover sucks to put on. I had an easier time if I lay it out exactly as I will put it on, and start from the small end.
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  • I have the boppy and love it.
  • As PP recommended, lay it out flat in the circle shape that it would be on the pillow. Place the cushion on top of the open part and work it into the cover starting with the small end first. 

    My brestfriend pillow was used and I have no issues getting the cover back on. It is just a little awkward due to the shape. Once you do it a few times it gets easy. 

    I personally do not like the boppy. It never stays in place and I am constantly having to adjust it. 

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  • image Teacher Clark:
    I absolutely LOVE my Luna lullaby. I hated my boppy.

     Ditto this. And there are still some available on sale via Babysteals archive: 

  • I have both a Breast Friend and a Boppy.  I hated the Boppy.  I just couldn't get confortable with it and felt it always moved around.

    I love the My Breast Friend.  I had issues with getting the cover put back on after washing, but did get it on.  

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  • I have been laying a burp cloth over my Brest Friend pillow/cover to keep from having to wash it.  Way easier to wash a burp cloth.



  • I have always loved bobby.
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  • Love my boppy.

  • I found MBF to be much better for nursing.
  • The boppy took some getting used to but I love it. I just bought a different kind online from wanted to compare.
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  • image irishprincess135:
    Love my boppy!


    And I love it can be used for so many other things. The baby lays across it sometimes looking up at her baby gym. She sits in it. My husband even uses it as an arm prop while holding the baby in his recliner. So for us it's awesome that it has so many uses.
  • Not sure I would use a used MBF unless it had a waterproof cover. You can't wash the foam core so there's bound to be milk and pee in there.

    I personally tried the original boppy, new nursing boppy, and the MBF and I ended up liking the original boppy best.
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