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Beta 4

4 6 weeks today 19dp3dt. Beta went from 510 on Monday to 1367 today. Seen in the ER this am for periodlike bleeding when wiping. Cervix closed. Ultrasound performed gestational sac not visualized yet. Docs reassured by betas, in fact they drew two while I was there since they initially misplaced my first it went from 1346 to 1367 in less than an hour. Can't really pinpoint bleeding; they seem cautiously optimistic. I go back Friday for a repeat beta and ultrasound. Concerned 1 could this be an ectopic? 2 why am I bleeding like a period? 3 I know it's early, but wish they could have seen a sac. Hate being in limbo. Any thoughts?
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Re: Beta 4

  • I don't have any advice for you on this but I am wishing the best for you and hoping for good things at your next ultrasound tomorrow!!
    Me - 35 DH - 37 SD - 10
    Married 10/8/2011
    Started TTC July 2011. Infertility workup July & August 2012.

    DH - all clear. Me - Unicornuate Uterus discovered at HSG 8/16/12. Referred for IVF 8/28/12. Approved for IVF Warranty Program 10/2/12. Laparoscopy 11/1/12 - removed right rudamentary horn, both tubes, left ovarian cyst and endometriosis.
    Given all clear for pregnancy after 1/1/2013.

    IVF cycle 1 starts 1/19/13!

    12 eggs, 7 mature and all 7 fertilized - 2 Frosties!!

    5 day SET 2/4/13 - Beta 2/13: 86 & 2/15: 186 BFP!!!!

    EDD: October, 23, 2013


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