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Thank you gift?

I have heard of some people sending a thank you gift of sorts to the staff at their fertility clinic once they get pregnant. Has anyone done this?? I feel like the $26k we have paid them already is more than enough, but I know that the staff doesn't get any kind of bonus or anything for what they have helped me accomplish. I was thinking of bringing bagels or donuts or something to our last ultrasound appointment before we graduate.

Any thoughts on this??

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Re: Thank you gift?

  • No thoughts.  But I think it's a great idea.  I'll hopefully be graduating on Monday and would like to bring the wonderful nurses something.

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  • I've definitely heard of people doing this-I didn't though.  I still keep in touch with one of my main nurses, and our peri is my RE's sister in law-so I know she gets updates that way.  I just felt weird taking a "gift" into the office-and I didn't know that my last appointment was my last appointment until that day.

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  • I'll probably write a handwritten thank-you card. :)

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    9/29/13 - m/c @ 5w1d. :(

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  • I thought about it, but didn't give a gift.  Like you said, we paid the clinic a LOT of money, it's not like their help was given as charity.  I definitely thanked everyone at my graduation, I'll keep in touch through the pregnancy, send a nice birth announcement to the RE and nurses, etc.  Plus, I'll be going back 6-12 months after my first is born for a FET.  I don't think they expect anything more than that. So that was my thought process.    
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    IUI #1 and #2 (8/12, 9/12)- 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel = BFNs
    IVF #1 (EPP) 13R/10M/9F, 5DT 1-4AA blast, beta #1-148, beta #2-322, 5 frosties! 
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  • Even though you spent 26k the nurses and staff don't get that, a gift of a fruit basket or other type of food is always appreciated. Let's put it this way I get a direct line to my NP and OB because I always bring them different things throughout the year. And my RE has given me free advice etc and I am not saying she is not a lovely person but I think the xmas gifts helped.
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    Went to Beer Center- high tnf, low lad, implantation failure
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    Dec 12 Humira
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    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


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  • My RE's office specifically just asked for baby pics once it arrives. 
  • I was planning on sending an edible arrangement with a birth announcement and a nice thank you card. I love edible arrangements haha and they aren't too expensive for a smallish one, and my clinic was kind of small anyway and it'll be summertime. Even though they got a ton of money, like you said the staff doesn't work on a commission and they were always so personable and invested in us. I certainly don't think it's necessary and not everyone feels so inclined so I definitely don't think any different for people who don't do this.
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    IUI #1 Aug 17 - BFFN :( >

    IUI #2 - Nov 6 - BFFN...or so we thought. BFP Nov 28!

    First U/S Dec 11 shows one baby in there!

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  • After I get releases from the RE's office, I was planning on sending an editable arrangement as a thank you.
  • DH and I delivered an Edible Arrangement basket about three months after we were released. We went in the afternoon so I knew there would be few to no one in the waiting room when we got there. The girls at the office were so happy to see us and we had a nice visit. Our clinic was small and we worked closely with a bunch of the staff, so it was nice to really give them a 'thank you'. They also requested updates and for us to bring our LO in when she is here. The embryologist likes to 'squeeze her babies' as she put it, LOL!!!!
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  • I thought about it when I was close to be graduating from RE, but I never knew if something might happen on the way, so I decided to wait until I see a healthy baby in my arm.  

    My birthing announcement card with pictures will be a thank you card for my RE! 

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  • imagecandyreesecup:

    I thought about it when I was close to be graduating from RE, but I never knew if something might happen on the way, so I decided to wait until I see a healthy baby in my arm.  

    My birthing announcement card with pictures will be a thank you card for my RE! 

    Exactly this! After a previous loss, I'll know all was successful after baby is here.

    Unexplained IF
    IVF #1 3dt 3embies 2/17. +HPT 10p3dt.
    Beta #1-70, #2-130, #3-737, 7w5d no HB :( D&C
    Ivf #2 June ER 6/13 ET 6/18 1 blast 2 morulas
    6dp5dt - BFP!
    Beta 6/27 - 146
  • I'm doing it when I get a baby.
    Yes, I'm pregnant now, but for whatever reason, I want my LO with me for my big Thank You.
  • I bought the office bagels/ cream cheese and coffee. I went to Panera and they have the coffee totes-worked out pretty well. I second guessed it too, just bc of all we had spent, but the office staff and nurses were great-and not sure if I could have made it through some of the stressful times without their support. I also work in healthcare at a hospital-we love when our patients bring us food!!!
    TTC naturally since Nov 2010.
    Diagnosed with PCOS in June of 2012
    Started seeing a RE June 2012
    HSG showed a block left tube
    Hubby's SA showed a slightly low count everything else ok
    Three rounds of Clomid/IUI-all three rounds IUI were cancelled because follicles never matured.
    Starting injections for IVF Dec. 1st. Praying for the Christmas gift of a lifetime!!!

    11/30 Baseline U/S and bloodwork-everything looks great!
    12/1 Start Stims
    12/11 ER
    16R 7M 7F

    12/16 ET

    12/26 Beta #1 364
    12/28 Beta #2 758
    12/31 Beta #3 2249

    12/31 Ultrasound showed...TWINS!!!!!!

    2/4 Ultrasound showed one baby with HR of 174 and one angel baby.


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  • I have brought our nurses different little things throughout our process to show them how much I appreciate them explaining everything to me and taking their time with me.  I am a nurse in l&d and know how much we all love to receive things from our patients. They're always so appreciative when I bring things and it just makes me feel good, hoping it was making for good karma for our transfer. Lol. 

    Me (29) DH (34) married 11/24/2007 TTC for 2 1/2 years 3/11 9 wk m/c d&c 6/11 ectopic pregnancy methotrexate 11/11 5 wk m/c 6/12 5 wk m/c 8/12 hysteroscopy followed by several rounds of close monitoring and clomid 1/13 ER 18 mature, 15 fertilized, 11 after 5 day growth, PGD testing 6 girls, 2 boys 2/14/13 transfer of two embeds 1 girl 1 boy 2/25 beta --171, progesterone low 9, changed from suppositories to pio 2/27 beta #2--392, progesterone 21.9 yea it's working!
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