Breathing treatments?

My 26 weeker is now 35 weeks and is on a low flow oxygen.  He has been around 28-30%.  Yesterday his doctor started him on breathing treatments with a steroid twice a day.  She said it wasn't because he had any fluid around his lungs, but she just wanted to give him a little boost to see if they can get him off the oxygen (he was off oxygen for 5 days about 2 weeks ago after removing his CPAP).  Overnight he was around 21%.

Has anyone else experienced this?  I am having a hard time finding anything on it and didn't know if if had helped any other preemies?  The doctor mentioned he could possibly go home on breathing treatments instead of oxygen. 

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Re: Breathing treatments?

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    This is interesting. We haven't heard it mentioned. My 26 weeker is now almost 34 weeks and just came off the cpap for good after sprinting on and off for the past week. If she gets too tired they'll put her on the cannula. I'm worried because I don't want her to get "stuck" on the cannula for an extended period of time. I'll ask her Neo about it. I don't know if steroids are normal procedure around here or not.

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    My daughter had breathing treatments and chest therapy as a part of a "priming course" for her extubation attempts and then again when they were priming her to get off of cpap.

    Is your baby otherwise pretty ready to go home? I know they let my daughter linger on the cannula for a while because she was no where near ready to go home because of feeding issues and major bradys.  I'm assuming they may have been more aggressive with getting her off the cannula if she was otherwise ready to go home.  Our hospital was very conservative about sending kids home on oxygen and monitors though.  

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    No advice on the breathing treatments, but DD1 did come home on a cannula (like next to no oxygen -- only 1/8th L), and it wasn't the end of the world. In fact, it was somewhat reassuring to have her home on a monitor to know how she was doing. Not ideal, sure -- but not really a big deal if it comes to it.

    I was like you during the NICU stay -- I wanted more than anything for both girls to come home like "normal" babies -- without feeding tubes or oxygen or any of that to worry about, but it didn't work out that way -- but, in the end, it was the right decision. Now they're both free of everything -- and on the right timing for them! 

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    His nurses have been telling us he will probably be home in 1-2 weeks.  He is increasing the amount of feeding he is doing on his own every day.  I think it's the doctors final push to see if they can remove oxygen.  We are totally ok with him coming home on it if he needs to and we have been told it's a good possibility.

    The nurse did mention he may have had the breathing treatments when he was on the vent, but he was on the vent less than 24 hours and if he had them I must have been in my recovery room. 

    Today we got news he is having a peds surgery consult because of a possible hernia in addition to his hypospadia, so now I feel like we may be staying longer depending on what the surgeons say today. 

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