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kitty baby bonding!

my cat has always LOVED to lay on my belly. It is going to be so funny to see if she still tries once my bump pops. Do any of you have experience with this, or funny photos to share? I'd love to see them!

Re: kitty baby bonding!

  • mine is a hip/thigh kitty. she may or may not fit once the belly pops
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  • taking pics is a good idea! 

    Diego is a needy lap cat and before I even knew I was preggo, I should have taken my cue from him. In my first few weeks of pregnancy he turned into the sweetest cuddlefest, and had to sit on me constantly. He would rest his head right down onto my belly.

    Meowmeow is different though, he avoids my lap entirely now, and refuses to sit on me at all. 

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  • No photos. My last pregnancy 2 of our cats could not get enough of cuddling on my belly. When the baby would kick them, they would gently swat back (claws in). It was funny. When my daughter was born, both of them came up to snif her. The instant she moved the first cat ran off and 15 months later has almost no interest in her. The second cat was raised around very little children (I got him when #1 was a year and #2 was just a few months old) and he still comes up to her. He seems to think he is allowed in her crib. So I have to kick him out and shut the door when she is in it. 
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  • My cat seemed to know that I was pregnant last time. She would always knead on my stomach and was much more clingy with me. It was sweet. When the baby was born she was scared for a long time, but the older my daughter gets the more they bond. My cat now licks her head and they snuggle together when they take naps sometimes. 
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  • My cat is doing the same thing. She has always wanted to be close to me but now she NEVER wants to leave my side when I am home. It is really kind of sweet.
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  • These stories are great! I am very early in my pregnancy and my cat who is normally standoffish with me, wants to snuggle and be next to me constantly. She's an affectionate cat but not a cuddler. It's pretty neat. 
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