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Hi my name is Meerim and I am here with my husband, while he is getting his MBA. We already have two kids and I am now pregnant with my third. Very confused with the health system here in the US. We got ourselves an insurance, though I am still not sure if it was the right one. I haven't decided whether I want to go back home to have the baby, but I really need help with fining a good doctor here for check ups. So confusing... midwives, obgyn and others.. and so many different options. I would be so grateful if someone could help me out with this! I live in Center City and I have no idea how to chose a doctor! All the reviews I have seen so far have not given me enough information. Where do I start? Any recommendation? Thank YOU!     

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  • You need to pick a hospital that is in your network (insurance)  and that you would potentially deliver at and/or want to go to for ultrasounds, etc - since you are in the city, I would think you would want to go with Penn or Jeff - at once you determine that you should be able to find practices affiliated with either.

    I have heard great things about the maternity units at both so don't think you can go wrong with your decision. 

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  • Thank you so much for the reply! I did have a look at Penn and there are so many obgyns listed! Can you recommend a forum or a website where I can see the reviews on the doctors so that I can chose one for me? I looked at yelp and angi's list and their reviews are not helpful, like 5 people tops reviewing a doctor. Doesn't seem like much to me. Also, the insurance network... Sorry if I have too many silly questions but I just haven't cleared out how it works yet. I have my insurance card infront of me and I see MultiPlan, USA Select Choice, UCA and Fairmont Speciality logos on it (idk if this is relevant). are those the networks? How do I figure out with hospital is in my network?   
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  • unfortunately i really don't know of any forums where doctors are reviewed.  Your best bet is asking for OB or midwife recommendations on this board.

     I did a quick search on your insurance website and looks like Jeff and Hahnemann are in your network - Penn maybe as well I'm just not 100% of your exact coverage - i feel like select choice give you more options but not 100% sure - you might want to go to the site or call your insurance to see your in network hospitals.  In network just means the hospitals your insurance has relationships with that will ultimately provide better benefits for its members.

     Once you decide on your hospital - come back to the board and ask for recommendations of OBs/midwives that deliver there or you can call the hospital and ask who their most popular practices are.  You can also try searching best of philly top docs issue.

     Google searches such as "delivering at Jefferson Hospital" might help too. 

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  • Thank you so much for your helpful advice! Gonna go call my insurance :) 
  • I delivered both my kids at Jefferson and had a really great experience both times. The main practice that delivers there is Women's Medical Specialties at 9th & Chestnut.  They use the laborist model, where you see all the docs in the practice and any one of them could deliver you, depending who is on when you go into labor.  So you don't have one specific doctor

    Good luck! 

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