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  • I cant wait to take baby on our yearly summer trip to Tennesse for our family reunion!!!!
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  • Baby is due in August 2013.....can't wait to take him or her to Destin, FL next summer, and Disney World their next!
  • I can't wait to take my baby girl home from the hospital! It's only a 15 minute drive but it will be great!
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  • To the beach with all the grandparents and cousins for the first time. She will be walking and we can't wait to see her playing in the surf.
  • To the beach to play in the sand.
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  • Good question! We are looking forward to driving from Minnesota to Michigan to introduce our newest kiddo to our family and friends!

    -Connie Sisco

  • I love the small road trips to visit family, and any family she has not met yet!  That is what means the most when you are able to do it!   Love the small things in life!
  • We can't wait to take him down to Six Flags for the first time, then to see all his family in Los Angeles and then Phoenix!
  • i can't wait to just go to gigi's house w/ baby :)
  • To visit my sister-in-law in Seattle!
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  • In October (2 months after Baby is born) we are going to the Grand Canyon with grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Can't wait for Baby to meet all of them!!

  • We can't wait to take our new baby once he/she is born in July to meet his grandparents (from father's side) down in California! 
  • Can't wait to take a 12 hour car ride to Colorado with my always on the move 18 month old! And by can't wait I mean I can't wait until its over!
  • I can't wait to take him to see his grandparents on the farm in Kansas! He misses them so much!

    Kimberly in Colorado

  • The zoo, its about a 2 hour trip which as much of a road trip with my one year old as I'm up for, lol.
  • I can't wait to take our baby to Disneyland!
  • Hilton Head this spring!!

  • I can't wait to take our baby to the beach this summer!!! We will also be driving to VT from NC to visit his grandparents!
  • Me and my wife would like to take our daugther to Disney World she would turn 2 on august 2 so we are excited to take her there for the first time.
  • . . . on our family vacation to the beach!!!
  • We're excited to be able take our little one to see our family this summer! It will be the first time most of them will be able to meet him. Hopefully he won't mind the 6 hour drive.
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  • To the aquarium in Kentucky!
  • Can't wait to take her to Disney world!!!
  • Our first family vacation to Florida this summer!!!
  • I am excited for baby's first trip to the snow!
  • We can't wait to take baby on all our mountain adventures! First up is a trip to Mt Rainier where dad will climb the mountain and baby and I will walk the trails near the hotel.

  • Can't wait to take a trip with our baby to the beach! I've always loved the water and I'm sure he will too :
  • Going cross-country to meet all of his/her new relatives!!! 
  • To take all my children to the beach where I used to spend my summers with grandparents.  Just wish they were there with us.  :(
  • I cannot wait to take my lo on a road trip back to the beach. He was too little to really enjoy it last summer. The beach is my heaven one earth. I want to share it with him!
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  • We would do a road trip across the country. New York to California...
  • I would love to take my kids to Yellowstone national park!
  • We can't wait to take  baby to visit family and friends that don't live nearby :)
  • The one road trip I can't wait to take baby on... is to Arkansas to meet her great grandmother! It will be a fun trip for everyone and she will be loved on the whole weekend Big Smile 
  • The one road trip we can?t wait to take baby on is to go camping with our friends in Southern MN.   We have been getting together for 10 years of camping and we love the outdoors and know baby will too! It won't be this summer for the road trip, but maybe by fall or we'll wait until next year.

  • We can't wait to take our kids to Gatlinburg, TN in September. We had our honeymoon there and have gone every year since. Now for our 5 year anniversary, we want to take our babes with us. Can't wait!
  • I can't wait to take my baby to Gulf Shores, AL! Beach time!!!
    Amy Tennant
  • We can't wait to take  baby to visit family and friends that don't live nearby :)
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