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  • Hubby is military and I can't wait till he gets orders to a new duty station! We're hoping for Fort Polk, so I can't wait to take baby on a roadtrip to Fort Polk or wherever the Army sends us next.  :D
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  • We can't wait to take the baby on a road trip to the beach for our first family vacation! :)
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  • Grand Canyon it is! i cant wait to show her the beautiful rocks and amazing scenery:
  • i cant wait till this summer so we can bring our son to the UP. Thats where we went on our honeymoon and we loved it! and when he gets bigger i cant wait to take him to disney world because i LOVE disney world!!
  • My husband and I would love to take our beautiful little 7 month old on a trip to a baby water park!! She loves water and playing in it sooo much!! Thank you The Bump for having this amazing 5 Days of Giveaway opportunity! 
  • Acadia National Park in Maine for camping.

  • Pick me  please :) We can't wait to take baby to visit family and friends who don't live nearby.
  • To my husband's family beach cottage! It's been in his family for about 50 years, but the family has decided to sell - so it's probably her only chance to ever go visit! I can't wait to get pictures/video of her going for a swim and playing in the sand - doing all the things her daddy did every summer as a child as well. :-)
  • We can't wait to take our little one to our family reunion this summer from Tennessee to Nevada...ought to be interesting :-)
  • I can't wait to go on a road trip with our peanut in September to Deleware with our family he will be 2 months!
  • Can't wait to take our babies on a road trip to Disney! That's one thing my husband was most excited about before we even had kids!
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  • We aren't big travelers but our friend is getting married in Arizona in October so baby gets to make the journey with us.  He will be about 3 months old then!  Other than that just trips to see family some close, some a couple hours away!

      Ps we really need a new carseat!  Our DS is 4 and just took a look at his carseat yesterday and the rubber on the handle is disintigrating, seems odd we purchased it when he was born.

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  • Road trip from Chicago to Ohio and then to Florida to visit/meet family and friends!
  • I can't wait to do a Road Trip to Florida (we live in NJ!).  My husband and I did it after our weeding and plan on doing it again and for a Disney trip!!

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  • This is our first baby (due in June) and there are a million and 1 places I can't wait to take the munchkin!   Most excited about taking baby up north a few hours to meet grandma and grandpa  and to see how well the jellybean enjoys road trips!
  • The one road trip I can't wait to take the baby on is from our house down here in North Carolina up to the Catskills (New York) for Thanksgiving with all of my extended family.
  • I can't wait to take the baby on a road trip to NC to see my sister!!
  • Can't wait to take baby on a road trip to Walt Disney World in Florida! It'll be a long drive so a great carseat would make all the difference!

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  • I can't wait to take my little 10 month old to Florida to spend some time on the beach. My parents are coming with us so lo will have some quality time with his grandparents as well.
  • I cant wait to take my little man to the beach. I want to see him playing in the sand and surf!! He is going to love it!!
  • The one road trip I can't wait to take baby girl on is to Florida. We live in Virginia and I can't wait to take her to meet her great grandmother! So neat when so many generations are in one room!! :)
  • To Disney! Baby's brother has been begging to go to Mickey's house and I cant wait to make their dreams a reality.
  • Since the summer is coming, a trip to the beach would be awesome to take
  • Up the California coast!
  • What is the one road trip you can?t wait to take baby on?! 


    To Lake Cushman! Our family cabin where we met :)

  • we can't wait to bring the kids to Disney!!
  • I can't wait to take baby to Colorado to meet the rest of the family!
  • We can't wait to take our baby to the mountains. My husband and I always vacation in the mountains every fall...maybe not this year (edd 10/1).
  • I can't wait to take baby on a trip towards the end of my maternity leave. Probably to North Carolina or Rhode Island. Baby will have to love the car because we will be traveling a lot to great-grandparents house and grandparents houses. Can't wait to see who wins!
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  • We can't wait to take the baby on a road trip to see snow, play and make a snowman.
  • Every Memorial Day weekend our family drives down to San Felipe, Mexico. We have a fun filled time right on the beach. This year will be the first time our daughter Julianna will get to go. This will also be our first vacation with her and we are really looking forward to it!
  • We would love to take her to Michigan to see her Great Grandparents!
  • We can't wait to take the baby on a road trip to Pennsylvania to visit her great-grandparents!
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  • Road trip from MN to TX to visit the hubs' side of the fam!
  • We can't wait to take our baby on a roadtrip to see family!

  • To visit/meet their Uncle in Las Vegas. 3

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