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Deployment looming

My husband and I are due 2 weeks from now. This is our first child. nbsp;He has orders to deploy Shortly after. We have been told there will be little communication and most will be done with mail. Our last deployment we had emails and phone calls. He is fearful that our little girl won't know who he is when he comes home. She will only be about 2 months old when he leaves and she will be about 11 months old when he comes home. Any suggestions on what to do? I have reassured him that she will know but are there things I can do to help he remember who he is when he comes home? nbsp;Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful!nbsp;

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Re: Deployment looming

  • We are making a photo book with pictures of all family members.  And also making lots of videos so our son can hear his voice.  Daddy saying goodnight to him, singing or humming a cadence or song to him, and just a video message to him saying how much he loves him.  Hope this Is is helpful :)
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  • If my DH ends up deploying again we're planning to make videos of him reading bedtime stories and talking to our son.
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  • My husband buys those recordable books for our kids before he leaves.  They are able to hear his voice read the books to them.  You can also make videos of him reading books, videos of the two of them together, picture books, show her all the pictures on the walls, and talk to her about him all the time.  She won't know exactly who he is when he returns, but he will be familiar to her.  
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  • Deployment is looming for us too.  DH is doing the recordable story books and I'm ordering a Daddy Doll as soon as I get a picture of him in uniform. 

    Since port visits are being cut due to (probably) sequestration, there will be few opportunities to Skype.  Other than constantly talking about Daddy and looking at pictures, I'm not really sure what else I can do.  DH coming home after 6 weeks of work-ups went better than I expected, so perhaps homecoming won't be a disaster.



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